Cloth diapers aren’t yucky after all!!

15 Aug

Who knew, right? When I mentioned to my mom that I was considering using them when I was pregnant I could almost see her throw up in her mouth. She said she would keep a package of disposables at her house because there was no way she would be scrubbing poop out of a diaper. I read a ton of info about the different kinds of diapers, there was a language all it’s own and I didn’t know anything at all. Just reading what I could find online made my head spin. I was overwhelmed and felt like not only did I not have the knowledge to start I didn’t have the support I needed to make what I thought was a HUGE change.

So what changed my mind? Well, my little girl had a HUGE buttcrack! No joke it went up to the middle of her back. That being said disposable diapers just didn’t fit right. We tried so many different kinds and no matter what we did the poop went straight up her crack and out the top of the diaper. So, after each diaper change I was also scrubbing poop out of an outfit, and in turn throwing out a nearly clean diaper.

I was fed up and thought I would just see if cloth would work any better. Well, since starting our cloth journey we have had zero blowouts! ZERO! And once I started I realized that the blogs I read had WAY more info than was necessary and they are not as complicated as I assumed.

You know the icing on the cake? My husband loves CD’s and his happy place is sitting on the couch stuffing diapers.

P.S. The initial cost of cloth diapering may feel a little painful but the money you save is beyond worth it.Image



BLT Pasta Salad

14 Aug

My husband works in a restaurant and whenever I go eat there this pasta salad is one of my favorite dishes. I know it’s a favorite in the restaurant and I decided after trying it the first time I would go home and  make it myself. After many failures I have a pretty great replica. It’s hot and cold, it’s crispy and soft, it’s salty and sweet… In short it is delicious!! Everyone I have ever served this too has asked for the recipe so I am finally getting around to writing it down.

BLT Pasta Salad

1 package of bacon cooked crispy, chopped fine
4 cups of pasta, cooked (I use cavatappi)
1 cup of brown sugar
1/2 cup of red wine vinegar
1 red onion, minced
iceburg letuce cut fine
cherry or grape tomatoes
Ranch dressing

After cooking bacon reserve a small amount of bacon grease to cook oninos with. Caramelize onions. Add brown sugar and red wine vinegar and cook until it starts to get sticky. Add bacon.

Toss pasta, lettus, tomatos and ranch dressing. Top with bacon/brown sugar topping. Enjoy the amazing power of BACON!


I should note that I use homemade ranch dressing I got from this blog.


Welcome to my world

13 Aug

Since being laid off in November life as I know it has been turned on its head. I have never been able to stay home. My first job was when I was fifteen and I just never stopped working. So, when I got the call into my boss’ office and I got the news that I was losing my job I was devastated. I called my husband and my parents and emptied my desk and drove to my parents house (they were watching the baby). Well, the second I walked in the door and saw that little girls face I just knew it would all be OK. This happened in November and it’s now August and I’m feeling good about the unexpected turn of events. I have had months to be with my daughter now and we have really enjoyed the time we have had. She is amazing. I know I will eventually have to return to work but for now I’m enjoying this time while my “baby” is still a “baby”.babygirl1-1